Any delay or closing information will be available
On the internet at at all times and
on television only when severe conditions warrant.

FIRST MORAVIAN CHURCH is now registered with WFMZ-TV Channel 69’s Storm-center Update to alert our members of changes in our services due to inclement weather.  .  Now when  winter weather forces the delay or cancellation of services, our members can find the schedule changes online (computer) at Please note:  .  Worship schedule delays or closing information will be listed on the website only, and not on the television screen at Channel 69 TV, except for extreme weekend weather conditions).

Should inclement or hazardous conditions in weather or other situations occur or be imminent, and you have access to a computer, you may check on line for cancellations or postponements. There are two people — Chairman of the Trustees, and Vice Chair of the Elders — who are authorized to enter cancellations or postponements of services for First Moravian Church. If you are in charge of a program and would like to list a closing or postponement, please call one of these two people to make your request.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact these leaders (Brother Frank Chisesi or Noreen Davis) to see if there are changes of scheduled services.  They alone will have the final word in these changes.

Should the inclement weather be considered extreme by the Weather Station, once Brother Stanley or Sister Noreen enter the proper codes with Channel 69 to cancel or postpone any services, then and only then will our closing be automatically placed on the ticker at the bottom of the television screen on Channel 69.